Đèn Flash SN600C

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Số lượng
  • Full Power - GN 62m ( ISO 100 / 200mm )
    HSS đến 1 / 8000
    Flash Mode - ETTL / M / Multi
    1 Curtain Sync / 2 Curtain Sync
    FEC / Tháng Hai - 1 / Increments 3 ( ± 3 điểm )
    Manual Flash - 1/128 - 1/1 Kiểm soát đầu ra ( tăng 1 / 3 )
    20-200mm Auto và Manual flash zoom
    Hướng dẫn chế độ Slave cho hệ thống Canon quang không dây ( Không ETTL trong chế độ nô lệ)
    S1 & S2 Basic Optic Slave Modes
    Đầy đủ sức mạnh tái chế - từ 1,8 giây
    Hỗ trợ nhiều flash Groups
    Các kênh quang - 4
    Hỗ trợ Canon Menus Kiểm soát Flash
    Chức năng tùy chỉnh
    Prompt Sound
    Bảo vệ nhiệt
    LCD ngược sáng có thể được giữ On
    Cắt Sensor Auto Phóng Tùy chọn
    Hỗ trợ AF nhẹ
    Full 360 độ xoay và nghiêng đầu ( Với Nghiêng Khóa Button)
    Rõ ràng lớn Dot Matrix Màn hình LCD
    Giống như Canon Interface
    Nhanh chóng kẹp kim loại Foot với Locking Pin ( Và kẹp Well )
    Tốt xây dựng chất lượng
    Cảng pin bên ngoài
    Cảng PC Sync
    Cổng Giao tiếp 2.5mm (hiện không sử dụng)

Shanny SN600C

Tilt Lock

Another feature many third party flashes have been leaving out is a locking button for the flash tilt and swivel. Shanny have added a lock for the tilt motion only. And like the Canon 600EX-RT, this only locks into place when the flash head is pointed straight up, or faced directly forward.

Being for the tilt motion only, unfortunately this lock doesn’t remove any stress on the flash foot when swiveling the flash head (as the 600EX-RT lock does). Nevertheless some people do find this feature important when mounting heavy modifiers like the original Lightsphere’s etc.


Shanny SN600C

TTL Exposures

The SN600C TTL exposures are very good and quite consistent, bounced or direct. And Flash Expsoure Compensation (FEC) adjustments are working as they should.

The early SN600SC we tested still had a few small quirks, thoug these appear to have been fixed nicely now with the SN600C (and production version SN600SC available now).


Otherwise the SN600C (and similar Shanny flashes) are very impressive for the remarkably low price compared to the Canon 600EX-RT. The power can really match the Canon flash, and recycle is considerably faster. HSS provides more light than the 600EX-RT flash, and the SN600SC even outperformed the 600EX-RT in shots before heat protection cut in.

One other thing to note, is although the YongNuo YN-622C TTL triggers currently work well with the SN600C, there is basically no compatibility with the Phottix Odin or Pixel King Pro.




The main Mode button simply scrolls through ETT, M (Manual), and MULTI modes (just as the SN600SC does).

Unlike the Canon 600EX-RT the SN600C does not have the Ext.A mode (or an auto metering sensor on the front of the flash).



Wireless Button

Unlike the SN600SC, the SN600C Optic Wireless modes are quite reduced and very simple. There are only Manual Canon Optic Wireless Slave, and the basic S1 and S2 optic slave modes.

S1 is a regular optic slave, which fires the flash from the light of any other flash. And S2 ignores pre-flashes, so a TTL flash can be used to optically trigger the SN600SC in sync as well. (S1 and S2 can only work with manual power settings).


SN600C Wireless Modes



Manual Power Levels


Accuracy between the SN600C manual power levels are very good, all within 1 tenth of a stop between levels.

Even the Canon flash shows some variation here, with 1.3 stops between 1/2 and full power.

These results were recorded with the flashes mounted in a softbox to avoid any hot spots, and in exactly the same position and settings etc. The SN600C equals or betters the 600EX-RT output at any power level.


    Diff. EV   Diff. EV
1/1 F 16     F 16    
      0.9     1.3
1/2 F 11 + 0.1   F 8 + 0.7  
      1.0     1.0
1/4 F 8 + 0.1   F 5.6 + 0.7  
      0.9     1.0
1/8 F 5.6 + 0.2   F 4 + 0.7  
      1.1     0.8
1/16 F 4 + 0.1   F 2.8 + 0.9  
      1.0     0.9
1/32 F 2.8 + 0.1   F 2.8    
      0.9     1.1
1/64 F 2 + 0.2   F 1.4 + 0.9  
      1.1     0.9
1/128 F 1.4 + 0.1   F 1.4    


AF Assist Light


Shanny have implemented their own unique AF assist light pattern. This is a single AF light for all focus points, unlike the Canon 600EX-RT, which use a more sophisticated second light pattern when outer AF points are selected.

The Shanny AF light is probably just a little better than the recent AF lights found in the YN-622C-TX and current YongNuo flash models, in that there is not quite as much gap in the light pattern for a focus point to fall completely between any pattern.

The SN600C AF light appears to be the same as the SN600SC shown below, though the lines are actually now vertical with the SN600C. So the horizontal lines may have just been the pre-production flash.

These samples where taken at 1.8m (or 6 feet) from the subject, and at the zoom lengths as noted.



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